IT Working Group in the making

You are against high rents and for a city from below? You have IT knowledge or interest in the topic? Then this could be something for you:

The IT working group of the Mieter:innen Gewerkschaft Berlin is looking for new people. If you are interested, please contact

What we are going to do:

  • Administer the MGB servers
  • Administer the MGB services (website, mail, cloud, member management …)
  • Internal IT support for all kinds of technical questions

Who we are at the moment:

  • We are just 2-3 people right now (cis-male¹).
  • We are still under construction, everything is flexible
  • We have different levels of IT skills
  • We stand behind the Free Software idea

Who we are looking for: 

  • People with interest in IT work
  • Previous experience is good, but not required
  • Preferably FLINTA² people to represent more perspectives in the working group


There are currently no paid positions in the MGB. Everyone
participates according to their own capacities and without pay. This
also applies to the information technology working group.


    ¹ Cis-male means that the person was assigned the male gender at birth and also self-identifies as such.

    ² FLINTA stands for Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-binary, Trans and A-Gender.