7. Heimstaden wants to buy 130 houses in Berlin. What does the networking look like?

On the one hand we are networking throughout Berlin, on the other hand in the districts.



For each district there is a distributor and a district group meeting. There we link the houses and put pressure on the district representatives. Here you can find all dates:

Ortsgruppe Mitte-Nordwest: Wedding, Moabit, Spandau
email distribution list: Wedding & Moabit: lists.bilgisaray.org/wws/subscribe/stop…
Spandau: lists.bilgisaray.org/wws/subscribe/stop…
Contact us: Heimstaden_Mitte@mg-berlin.org

Local group Pankow:
mailing list: lists.bilgisaray.org/wws/subscribe/stop…
contact: heimstaden_Pankow@mg-berlin.org

Local group Neukölln:
mailing list: lists.bilgisaray.org/wws/subscribe/stop…
Contact: heimstaden_Neukoelln@mg-berlin.org

Local group Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg:
mailing list: lists.bilgisaray.org/wws/subscribe/stop…
Contact us: Heimstaden_FH-KB@mg-berlin.org

Local group Tempelhof/Schöneberg & Steglitz:
mailing list: lists.bilgisaray.org/wws/subscribe/stop…
contact us: Heimstaden_TH-SB@mg-berlin.org


There is a regular meeting to which one or more delegates from each house are invited. Here we decide on central demands and coordinate the work of the working groups (AGs) and district groups.
There are also three working groups: AG Public Relations takes care of press inquiries and social media channels, AG Actions organizes rallies, demos and other actions and AG Plan B makes plans for the houses Heimstaden bought and for which no right of first refusal was drawn. All AGs are open to tenants of Heimstaden houses.

AG actions (political work / right of first refusal):
Contact: aktionen.stopheimstaden@protonmail.com
mailing list: lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/ag_aktio…

AG Public Relations (Press / Social Media / Public Relations):
Contact: presse.stopheimstaden@systemli.org
mailing list: lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/ag_pr_he…

AG Plan B (Long-term receivables and networking):
contact us:
Email distribution list: ag-planb_heimstaden-vernetzung@lists.riseup.net