3. Who is the company that wants to buy our house?

Heimstaden Bostad AB is one of Sweden’s largest housing companies and operates throughout Europe. The largest part of the company is owned by the Norwegian “Fredensborg AS”, whose owner is the billionaire Ivar Tollefsen.

In Berlin, Heimstaden works closely with the “Skjerven Group GmbH” and operates with a double face (“good cop, bad cop”) and division of labor: The Skjerven Group has long been aggressive in increasing the value of its properties in Berlin, Heimstaden signals a moderate course. In practice, however, Heimstaden has so far refused to sign Abendwendungsvereinbarungen (restrictions under building law) when buying.

From Oslo and Malmö comes information about the usual procedures of profit-oriented real estate companies: neglect of the houses, conversion into private apartments and much more.
There is an interesting research by activist group “Hände Weg vom Wedding” about Heimstadens Partner Skjerven Group.