Who we are

We are an initiative to build a union for tenants in Berlin. We want to fight collectively for our rights and interests and stand up together against profit-oriented landlords and unjustified rent increases. A tenants union can create the structures to realize collective tenancy rights, connect us tenants in the long term and enable a fight for more self-determination in housing.
Initiative Renters Union Berlin (Mieter:innengewerkschaft Berlin)

From the Idea to the Union

While in other countries tenants unions have already been successfully founded and partly exist for a long time, the idea is rather unknown in Germany. However, with the founding of a tenants union in Frankfurt am Main last year and the in many places emerging initiatives, the idea is starting to spread here as well

Comparable projects in other countries and cities speak a clear language: The Swedish tenants union Hyresgästföreningen has existed for more as 100 years (!), represents over 500,000 households and negotiates collective rents with landlords, real estate companies and politics. Over the decades, the union has fought the right to collectively negotiate rental contracts. But also in other countries tenants are beginning to organize themselves successfully in trade union contexts, such as in Spain the Sindicat de Llogateres (2017) or in England the London Renters Union (2018).

The Concept of a Tenants Union

But what is actually meant by a tenants union? Why is there a need for a powerful union in the housing sector and how could it be structured?
What specific role can it play in Berlin?


News from the Initiative

Here you will find reports from the initiative and our fights, editorial articles on housing issues and information about our work to date.


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