FLINTA* Networking Meeting: Living as FLINTA* – FLINTA* spaces in the city”

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20:00 - 21:30

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Invitation to the networking meeting: Living as FLINTA* – FLINTA* spaces in the city”.

The newly founded working group of the Mieter:innen Gewerkschaft Berlin “Wohnen als FLINTA*” (Living as FLINTA*), invites FLINTA* house projects and queerfeminist organizations to a first networking meeting on the topic “Living as FLINTA* – FLINTA* spaces in the city”. With this meeting we want to create an open space to get to know each other, to exchange about the current situation and struggls and to develop solidarity perspectives for action. Where is there room for action despite the current situation? As is well known, the Corona crisis intensifies the pressure of housing displacement especially on FLINTA*persons, and alternative housing projects are systematically evicted. How can we make the progressive loss of FLINTA*spaces visible and take effective action against it?

We will meet online on Wednesday, March 10 at 8:00 pm:


Invitees include: Liebig34 , Women in Exile, Kiezkommune Wedding, Frauen*Streik Berlin, Cafe Cralle , Hwvw, Anonymous Residents, Kunstblock, Alpha Nova Galeria Futura, Dziewuchy Berlin.

FLINTA*: Women, Lesbians, Intersexual Persons, Non-Binary Persons, Trans Persons, Asexual Persons and * not explicitly mentioned persons who do not fit into one of the above mentioned sexual orientations or gender identities.